Studio Log #3: Painting??? Printmaking???

Since I started making them in the summer, the collages have evolved from merely sketches and somewhat thoughtless exercises into a more deliberate process. But after the 60th collage, it feels a bit tiresome and repetitive. The next step, I think, is to experiment with different kinds of papers (different thickness, textures) and to layer them to create a more sculptural effect. This would also allow me to play around with light and shadows within the collages more, giving them more depth. Also, incorporate more drawing elements. 

I have been looking at the works of Erin O’Keeffe, a contemporary photographer based in NYC, who sets up these beautiful paper still-life to photograph. Her other series of works are also fascinating, but it is these paper still-life that first drawn me to her. These works inspired me to try making models out of papers to paint from. I'm still having a hard time making these models since it's so different from what I'm used to before. (So full of regrets for not taking a sculpture class in college). 

I have gotten more and more interested in making works on papers, like drawings, collages and prints, instead of painting. I find that working with these techniques is more immediate, which allow me to work through new ideas easier and faster, before returning to painting again. I have been wanting to try overlaying etchings and woodblocks into the same prints. So maybe that will be the next project. (Once I have access to a proper printshop). 

Another artist I have been look at more lately is Karen Kunc, whose works are incredible and inspiring. I love the long and narrow, horizontal orientation of the majority of her prints. And her accordion books are amazing!

Amy Chan is a painter and professor at UVA. Sadly, I've only had the chance to take one class with her during my undergraduate years. Her paintings on shaped panels are incredible! She also makes screenprints! I love her weird organic shapes, and her use of colors. So good! 

Printmaking and painting really are meant to go side by side.