Studio Log #1: Collaging, collaging, collaging

The first post on this blog marks the new beginning for me, and the first step out into the world on my own! How exciting! But of course, new beginning also comes with some confusion as to what I should do first to get back onto my feet and keep painting.

I knew that I needed a source of imagery for my paintings, and I can't rely on trying to find random, trashed objects and throw them together to make still-life, hoping something interesting would come out. Nor do I have anymore animal bones/skulls to play with (it just means I need to start collecting them myself, of course). 

So, I decided that the fastest way to create shapes was to cut them out from papers and put them together a la collage. (How innovative of me.) 

I spent the past couple of weeks cutting out random shapes, and putting together some collages. 

Prototype (collage) #1, in progress. 

Prototype (collage) #2-6. 

It was so much fun. I just used a pack of cheap construction papers so that I wouldn't be too precious/careful/self-conscious about what I was cutting. 

Then, I saw that Michaels was having a sale on their scrapbook papers stock. So I bought a whole bunch, choosing solid colors close to the colors that I would use in my paintings. Nothing neon, or patterned. I wanted to keep the focus on the shapes and lines and simple colors. 

And, more collages.... 

And this is what my corner in the studio looks like yesterday. 

I still need to make more collages so I can edit them down, combine them, etc. to come up with something usable for a painting. 

But for now, I will keep on collaging, collaging, collaging...