Studio Log #5: Endings and Beginnings

+++I found this in my draft folder and thought maybe it’s time to post it just as a record. It was written on June 25 of last year. CHQ was a great experience and it still has an impact on my progress a year later. Although my work has changed drastically since then, I do think that seed for that change was first sowed at CHQ.+++

What a whirlwind of a summer! My time at McGuffey Art Center ended with a group show in June. My studio mates and I had a blast together. Then, I left Virginia for a 7-weeks summer program in Chautauqua, NY. It was an intense and an absolutely incredible experience. We lived and breathed art, and painting in particular. We had classes with wonderful painters and teachers: Gideon Bok, Kyle Staver, Sangram Majumdar, Glenn Goldberg, and many others. There were dance parties in the quad, there were late-night snacks and "waters", and there were paints stains on every piece of clothing I owned.